Tuesday, May 29, 2012

back on the raw tip!

it's been such a long time coming but today marks my return to raw eating.

i don't have a percentage in mind but i am doing a detox that consists of only raw foods, veggies, nuts, etc. to get the ball rolling.

to start me off, i had room temperature lemon water upon rising, which is said to help with liver function and create a beneficial alkaline state in your body.

joe also treated me to lunch at Karyn's Raw to give me a jump start (will post more about that soon).

and lastly to get me going, i ordered this book that i saw while at Karyn's.

flipping thru it, i was really attracted to the simplicity of the recipes because honestly, i do not want to spend a lot of time preparing my meals and i also know that having to do so would set me up for a setback, so i am giving it a go.

i am of course also devouring my girl Susan's Rawmazing site, which is chock full of recipes and raw knowledge.