Friday, June 1, 2012

raw meal on the streets...

because i don't have a completely set schedule, i am always ripping and running to and fro and that can be really challenging when you are eating raw.

one solution that i am employing early on, until i can get my routine and food set up, is i am going to use Raw Meal, which is a meal replacement product.

i am going this route mainly because carrying a container of liquid with me is ten times easier than anything else, and things have to be easy right now.

it is definitely an acquired taste... very "earthy" (LOL). i mixed it with coconut water but i am going to play with it and mix it up until i find the right combo for my taste buds satisfaction.

but guzzling it yesterday, i can already vouch for all the claims that it fills ya up and keeps hunger at bay and that is really important, so that i am not reaching for the veggie burgers still in the freezer....

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