Tuesday, September 1, 2009


i have been so lacking in updating this blog..

i am hoping that today will be a new start. i have already had my morning smoothie.

but its one of those times when i have so many things going on and i am trying to get the schedule down.

it does not hurt that the kid is back home and summer's sweet slowness is coming to an end..

anyway, i am still exploring this raw world.

now i add my barleans greens to all of my smoothies, just to get more green nutrition

we went to a great health seminar back in july @ kennedy king college

i wish that i would have taken pictures or made more notes but i did have a couple of brochures but they are not handy at the moment and i want to get this post up

we also went to a fun event with the folks @ cousins incredible vitality

it involved a bunch of eating and food demos, which i really like

i am really hoping to go to nyc to a class at the natural gourmet institute

its called raw food made easy it sounds like it would be a great hands on intro to exploring raw food..not to mention an excuse to get back to new york..

i have totally fallen in love with the raw trio from totally vegan

its obviously not totally raw with the nachos but its a good go to meal when i am downtown and desperate to have something other than a salad.

the plan going forward is to get to dehydrating..i am hoping this happens within the next couple of weeks.

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