Saturday, July 25, 2009


as mentioned yesterday..

because this whole raw deal is mainly about health and not deprivation, i know that i will have non raw food at times and well i did and what i meant by not worth it is this..

i had fried fish and Doritos (which have always been a major craving in my world) and a chai tea latte and the thing is..

they tasted good but i didnt get that "ahh" feeling that i thought i would since i thought i was craving them so much..

and the next morning i was starving!

i mean stomach grumble the whole nine and i have not had that feeling once when eating only raw..

its weird..

but a good thing..

its a confirmation of what i have been reading and hearing @ seminars about raw eating..

if your body is getting the right nutrition, and you are consuming "real food" that your body was made to process and use properly, you rarely experience the hunger sensation..

so, i will still acknowledge and indulge in some of my cravings (which really are rare) at times but i much prefer the feeling that i have been experiencing from my raw foods..

just a true fulfillment and the energy, physically and mentally that goes along with it.

today we are going to a natural health awareness expo..

and of course i will blog about it..

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