Saturday, July 11, 2009



the other day at karyn's raw my honey and i got a smoothie that i completely fell in love with the taste of (mind you i did not love the price or the size of it)

needless to say, i have since mastered it at home (for way less)

and it will be a saving grace for me..because i love sweets and it is yummy sweet..

i also tried Greens Plus Orange Greensicle powder which tasted a lot like a dreamsicle but was so gritty and almost too sweet for even me..

and i am a sweet lovah lovah.

anyway, we have officially made it past week one today!


and it has been rocky at moments but overall i feel really good about it

there is so much to learn

and so everyday we are reading up and taking in the "community" online

and it is a very big community

which i guess really isn't a surprise but yet in a way it is because i honestly had never given the possibility much thought

but reading that i can possibly lower my cholesterol a significant amount is really a good motivator

because i am grateful for them but i HATE taking the drugs that i have to take

meals currently consist mainly of salads chock full of veggies and nuts and fruit

and i am liking it more than i thought i would

because i have always liked salad but i normally did not eat it a lot

i was the type of vegetarian who basically abstained from meat but not much else so strangely veggies were not a big part of my diet..


this raw adventure will be really significant in the sense of really paying more attention to what i put into my body and not just what i don't

and we have decided right from the beginning that we will do what works for us individually and not feel like we have to follow any one philosophy or rules

but to pay attention to our bodies and how it responds

and if that turns out that we are 95% raw or 75% then so be it..

so now is the time to explore the farmers markets and grocers in a different way

getting into fruits and veggies that i normally would walk right past

learning how to sprout and dehydrate

and i think that these are the things that are making this exciting...

this having to learn and do something so completely different

especially when it comes to food.

something i guess we usually took for granted and definitely don't give much thought to

because there was always a restaurant or something in the fridge or freezer that could be easily nuked to answer the i'm hungry grumbling..

anyway, off to make a smoothie..

oh and if you are interested here is the recipe

Banana Smoothie

- 1 frozen banana
- 2 teaspoons of flax (currently using Barleans)
- coconut water (currently using Zico)
(to taste but i start with up to 1/2 a cup but may need more depending on desired consistency)
- almond milk (currently using Almond Breeze but this will most likely change when i learn to make my own)
(amount is the same as coconut water)
- ice
- simple hand blender

dump it all in a container. mix it for a minute or less and ta da.

so simple and so dang good


  1. Hmmmm... one day, maybe. All about fruits and veggies, but I do like my meat. Smoothie looks awesome.

  2. oh..i saw your you do love your meat!

    and thanks..the smoothie is delish!