Thursday, July 23, 2009


i know i have been a little lacking on my updates but hopefully now that will change since i am working on setting up mobile bloggin..

anyway, i will start off by answering my girl coco cooks question about the last post on the t:

glamah16 said...

Was the Masa cooked or steamed. Sounds good. Love carmelized onions. So how do you feel?Is their any weight loss. Fascinated!

The food at karyn's raw is as far as i know, just that: the masa was not cooked or steamed

they do however warm certain things

in the raw community it varies depending on who you are talking to but certain things can be warmed up to 118 degrees

as to how do i feel, i feel lighter and less bloated and i have an abundance of energy

re the weight loss, i am not sure. i dont know what i weigh to begin with but i am told that i look like i am losing weight and i know my clothes are fitting differently

maybe i will find a scale somewhere to see how much i weigh and track it every once and a while

anyway, here is today's lunch:

as you can see i love guacamole!

and the little sprouts you see are wheat berries, which are sweet & chewy..

speaking of sprouts, today we went to the chicago indoor garden

they sprout 12 varieties of sprouts and sell some of their products at Whole Foods and i assume other stores also

for a raw foodie, it was like walking into sprout heaven just knowing that there were so many available under one roof right here on the northwest side of chicago

we wanted to tour their facility but to keep it clean and disease free, they don't give tours

it's a bummer but i can understand

we purchased three different varieties to start..

garbanzo bean, mung beans & lentils.

the other day we went back to karyn's for dinner and i had a fantastic dish called the Portobello Napoleon

it's Thinly sliced Portobellos layered with scented vegetables, fresh herbs and a cashew blue cheese Drizzled with homemade primavera sauce

and it is divine...

i wanted to order a second helping!

this morning we had a green shake made from Barleans Green, bananas, mango, coconut water & apple juice

it took a moment to get use to but then i was gulping it down


  1. Love coconut water and I would so eat the portabello napoleam. BTW, I see you started the photot blog. I clicked to leave comments on a few posts but could not. Love the twins the best. Keep up the blogging!

  2. thanks for the heads up!

    i will check into it and fix it!

    and you would love the napoleon!