Sunday, July 12, 2009


karyn's raw even more every day

we went for dinner last night

i would have taken pictures but my phone was out of juice

we started with the nachos..Crispy corn tortilla chips with guacamole, sweetened sour cream, black olives, marinated red onions, caramelized jalapenos

i can not wait to figure out how to make raw tortilla chips

for entrees we had the Empanadas - Flax and corn masa pastry dough stuffed with three pepper chorizo and house blend chili spice Served with a side of authentic raw chocolate mole and a salsa verde

and the Tamales - Corn husks filled with organic masa, tomato puree, mushrooms, asparagus, olives, extra virgin olive oil. Drizzled with a raw b├ęchamel sauce and side of chipotle salsa

i loved the nachos and the tamales.. especially the guacamole
they are becoming more and more of a favorite

went to buy avocados from the grocers but they were not that great

gonna check stanley's or wholefoods..

today i am going to try the Barleans Green drink that i have

green drinks are supposed to supply your body with an enormous amount of "superfoods"

today we are going to a live food nutrition class

that should be interesting

i will write about both next time

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  1. Was the Masa cooked or steamed. Sounds good. Love carmelized onions. So how do you feel?Is their any weight loss. Fascinated!